Saturday, November 26, 2005

Indie Music biz- raves & rants

Bali Lau Entertainment Group of Hawaii and music recently opened a new internet presence with a super simple web page concept that contains an RSS and blog for indie artist reviews, music biz news, and related indie music topics.
This forum was created to fill a need for open and on-going discussion and an exchange of ideas and information about artists issues, as well as to provide some insight for music fans to explore the latest emerging talent in the indie & alternative music arena.

The Islandelights page was launched October 20th, 2005 primarily to feature the top emerging indie artists and indie music sites, and to report "our take" on the latest wave of digital music distribution and music biz related issues.

Bali Lau Entertainment is an group of pro-indie musicians and artists founded by industry vet, Tomy Gunn, [band moniker Shadawmon (jah_da_ma) ~ dao boyz] - who wishes to critique the business at large in response to the rapid growth in the digital music download arena, and further address the obvious problems associated in sorting out this evolving wave of activity.

We wish to further provide an opportunity for new artists and bands to benefit from additional potential exposure they can receive at no charge through our strategically positioned page which is highly visible through SEO (search engine keyword placement) on all the major search engines.

The Islandelights web page offers indie artists a "no frills" place to glean additional industry contacts and sort out the less genuine entreprenuers in business to make money off of "free downloads" from indie artist's songs in exchange for perceived exposure.

Islandelights offers a streaming mp3 flash player where selected artists can feature a single song with "no strings" attached for a period of time. That period of time will depend on the feedback we receive from the public through the blog and web page stats.

Our goal is to reach a wider audience of music listeners . . . who are in fact eager to find new emerging bands and artists outside the corporate mainstream.
We've got first hand knowledge of who's who with many of these web sites, in both music and internet radio - and we'll report the blunt truth as we see it -

The RSS news feed and added PR available through this blog and web page coupled with a search engine friendly internet presence positions us to welcome selected song submissions from talented groups and artists who wish to have a single song, photo, and link to their web site featured at "no charge".

We will delve further into the "business issues" at hand that we perceive regarding the multitude of new services popping up on the internet - some of which are very good and well intended, and others who are simply using struggling musicians to sell their advertising.

We are in basic opposition to all who wish to exploit struggling artists. More to come ~

JJ 'koo'
raves & rants

hear a sample Podcast of indie rock fusion artist Shadawmon (jah_da_ma) on Islandelights from the Siam Escapeartist CD